1990 Porsche 911 • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 93,000 miles

I have a 1990 Carrera 4 (type 964). The warning lights for Seatbelt and Airbag do not go out after starting the engine. What can I do to repair that without going to a dealer. I went once, they fixed it temporarely, but now the problem has returned.
Thanks for your help. ; -)
January 20, 2011.

They may have only reset the light. It can be caused by several reasons but most common is the printed circuit board in the clock that goes open circuit. Sometimes one of the crash sensors in frt create to much resistance and must be replaced.

Feb 9, 2011.
I have the exact car with the exact same idiot light issue. Prienha - were you able to fix it? Cwporsche's answer was okay, but I need a bit more detail like how to check the crash sensor and where it's located on the vehicle.

Jul 16, 2011.
The crash sensors are located in the frt trunk under the carpet near both sides of the fuel tank. They are black and about an inch or so square. They are no longer available thru porsche. They usually just create resistance over time internally and or connections. You can reset the light but will probably come back on again eventually.

Jul 19, 2011.