1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 4 cylinder AWD Manual • 135,000 miles

So about a week ago my 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse check engine light turned on so I went home and told my dad about it. He turns on the car and the check engine light is gone and he says it turns off and on once in a while, does not really mean anything. A day after that it comes back but for 2 days straight and the third day I try turning the car on in the morning and it turns on but immediately turns off no more than 2 or 3 seconds later. Try it 2 more times and same results. My dad tries it and same results. He tries again a few hours later when I am at school and it drives fine. Whats wrong with it?
April 5, 2011.

You need to retrieve the trouble codes to understand what went wrong.

The above link explains how to do it.

Jun 26, 2011.