1990 Dodge Ram

Whats up Guys. I have this truck that won't start. I don't have and fuel pressure, or spark. I checked for voltage at the coil- none. Checked for voltage at the coil pick up and only had 2volts. I was using my vantage to check for voltage and it said i'm suppose to have 8volts. Also I see there is a ASD relay(auto shut down). I jumped the terminals and heard the fuel pump come on.I found a diagram on line(I don't know how reliable it is)and I see there is a fuseible link in the diagram. Could you tell me where that might be, And any other things I need to check
September 30, 2011.

Fusible links are off the positive cable of the battery by the fuse box.

The asd relay has 2 powers, one key on and one battery. The 3rd terminal is the load and the other is the pcm grounding the relay. Verify the powers first.


Sep 30, 2011.