1990 Buick Century • 200 miles

Got my keys back. Puppy stole them, hid them in couch. It likes to go byebye.

still need to know how to run wire from starter to battery. Ignition makes warning type sound fairly loudly when I try to activate it. Car has tilt wheel which is loose. Got steering wheel and plate and horn gizmo off --trying to get to ignition ww a manual or expertise.

on my 94 escort ran wire from starter to bat, bat to dash, ground wire from bat neg to dash. Put a starter button on it and it worked great until engine dropped a valve. Junked the car.
buick is more complicated.
there is solid bracket type fitting looks like it goes inside starter and hooks up to solenoid. There are only 2 screws on that end of solenoid. Would this be the place for the wire from battery? Dont want tow bill I am retired and only get 718. Per month ss. Need to drive car to shop.
Strut torque mount is in pieces. Think I will start there on jerking problem.
you guys at 2carprosare a great group to be associated with. If I had the knowledge I would like to do what you are doing.
donate some money when I get my next check. Old and broke in kentucky
October 21, 2012.

So your just trying to run a wire to the starter why?If you just need to activate the starter I can tell you how with a lot less trouble then running awire. Get a remote start button make sure your in park. Hook one aligator clip to the main battery cable stud on the starter then the other aligator on the smaller stud with a purple wire going to it. Then route the wire safely out of the way then put the key in the run position push the button on the remote start starter works.

Oct 22, 2012.
Thanks much. Had read about remote but didn't understand what is was. What if ignition key will not go into run position?
This thing has a tilt steering wheel and it is loose and flopping around some. Have got it apart down to three star slotted screws beneath the white plastic turn signal control, taken out cant figure what to do next. Cant see any connections in there. Sure wish I had money for motor manual.
I think the loose tilt mechanism is my main problem getting ignition out of line. Would like to get it apart and rig it some way to keep it in place. Or find out what is broken/loose.
Bye for now. Shirley

Oct 23, 2012.
So the key cylinder is stuck in the lock position?

Oct 23, 2012.
So is the ignition cylinder stuck in the lock position?

Oct 23, 2012.