1989 Ford Probe • 4 cylinder FWD Manual •

1989 ford probe gt with turbo, I was driving home and it stratin running rough, it has problems going over 3500 rpms. If I hold the gas to the floor it will die. Please help me out. I have no other way to get to work. Thank you

This is a picture of my set up I got, this is the the extras, Leather Shift Boot
Weighted Shift ****
Short shifter (feels great)
Brushed Aluminum Pedals
Flushed and sealed radiator
Heater Bypass Cap (to seal intake inlet for blow off valve installation)
2x 2.00" to 2.5" silicone reducers, Adapter flange, and Blow off valve
Lens Tint and lens tape (the tailights were so messed up that I had to just tape em and call it good haha)
Water Temp. Guage
Boost Guage (up to 25 psi)
Hood Scoop
Battery/Charging system moniter
Grimmspeed Manual Boost controller (this is the best one you can find, spike is virtually nonexistant however I had to take it off because I hit boost cut. When you get a chip for the ECU that eliminates boost cut, this car will destroy. Chips can be found on the performance probe forum or even ebay. They're cheap)
Deep dish steering wheel
Steering wheel hub adapter
Turbo timer (not installed but comes with car due to idle issues and its kinda pointless if the car will die out anyway)
Turbo timer harness
MAF adapter plate and intake
New headlights
Front mount intercooler (comes with car but not installed cause I don't wanna chop up the front end.
Wheel spacers
Fuel Filter

Does your Check engine light verify that it does work at start up?

Is it on now?

If it is have the codes checked at a popular auto parts store, they will usually do this for FREE

Unfortunately, I am not skilled with newer vehicles, especially one with so many modifications that might affect performance. The turbo throws in a whole new twist on me also.

Just to expedite your fix, if you can perform the Code testing, add in any recent history, any maintenance/ modifications/ H. Ell Damage you have recently subjected your vehicle to.

Other experts may jump in to assist, after you respond with info they need to diagnose

Sorry that I could not throw you an instant fix

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Jul 2, 2011.
Thank you for your response. No the check engine is not on. It starts right up everytime. The check engine light appears once in awhile at low rpms when driving. I havent worked on alot of cars with all this aftermarket stuff either. I just purchased the vehicle. It was running great for a week but it started doing this. Thank you steven.

Ok I just checked the spark that is all good. I cledaned my maf sensor that is good, I am gettin fuel to the motor, any ideas?

Ok I need some help how to check the timing? I got the light and tools but cant get it to start. PLEASE HELP

Ok I got it to start but I still have to origonal problem with my idle and it dies at 3500 rpms.