1989 Dodge Daytona • 4 cylinder FWD Manual •

I have a 1989 dodge daytona shelby z vin#1b3xg74a8kg117889 is a 2.2 turbo intercooled engine I am having problems with the electrical system over charging and was wanting to find out if it is and internaly regulated system or external!
Satans omni
February 24, 2011.

Neither. The voltage regulator lives inside the Engine Computer. Some cars in this era had the Engine Computer split into two modules. The Logic Module was behind the right kick panel and the Power Module was under the hood by the battery.

Measure the voltages on the two small terminals on the back of the alternator while the engine is running. One will have full battery voltage. The other one is the key. A shorted voltage regulator can only draw the voltage down to around 2 - 4 volts. If you find 0 volts and it's overcharging, that wire is shorted to ground.

Feb 25, 2011.
Ok i'll try that but the right kick panel doesn't contain a logic module so didnt know if that would make a difference in testing the system I had also found I had a bad fusable link under the hood off power side of electrical system and got it running but still overcharges so if I need anymore help i'll just ask>

Satans omni
Feb 25, 2011.