1988 Nissan Pathfinder • 275,000 miles

During wet weather my pthfinder will flood out and not run properly. I have checked distrubor cap, spark plugs, brand new tank of gas with heet treament, parked in garage at night, does not have this problems in dry weather. Everytime it is wet outside it will flood itself out and die, it happens before I have a chance to hit a puddle so no water splashed anywhere. Everytime this happens my tach will read 0, any normal time tach works just find.

I would replace the cap, rotor, wires and coil as they are a source of wet weather issues


Is there anyway I can test sparkplug wires and coil to see wich one to replace first. Repairs to my toy truck dont fit in whats her name and my budget

Use a spray bottle and spray the parts while running


Sounds like a plan thank you a bunch

Good lucki

Spray bottled everything no change truck was doing the same flooding out thing next day truck wont start at all what are the odds of it being my ignition coil or ignition module

Ok changed rotor cap and coil there was moisture in coil plug that connects to fuel module added some terminal grease no change truck still wont start next step is distributor cap and fuel module unless anyone else has any suggestions