1988 Ford Escort

Car runs fine when first started and driven, but after turning off the engine and restarting, it will not go above 10-15mph, will not shift, and stutters/loses power. What would cause this? Already replaced Distributor, Distributor Cap, and Fuel Injector. Currently thinking it may be a problem with the MAP Sensor.
April 26, 2012.

CEL on? Codes?

Apr 26, 2012.
Huh? What is a CEL and how to I get codes for my car?

Apr 26, 2012.
Check engine light.

Apr 26, 2012.
Check engine light hasn't worked in years, never got around to replacing that yet

Apr 26, 2012.
Does it act bad in neutral too or just under driving loads?

Apr 26, 2012.
Here's codes help.

CODE 11 System pass''
CODE 12 RPM out of spec (extended idle)
CODE 13 RPM out of spec (normal idle)
CODE 14 PIP was erratic (continuous test)
CODE 15 ROM test failed
CODE 16 **RPM too low (fuel lean test)
CODE 17 **RPM too low (upstream/lean test)
CODE 18 No tach
CODE 19 No power to processor or idle speed incorrect
CODE 21 ECT out of range
CODE 22 MAP out of range
CODE 23 TPS out of range
CODE 24 ACT out of range
CODE 25 Knock not sensed in test
CODE 26 MAF (VAF) out of range
CODE 28 Ambient temp. Below 50 F (1.9L EFI & 2.3L Turbo only)
CODE 31 EVP out of limits
CODE 32 EGR not controlling
CODE 33 EVP not closing properly
CODE 34 No EGR flow
CODE 35 RPM too low (EGR test)
CODE 36 Fuel always lean (at idle)
CODE 37 Fuel always rich (at idle)
CODE 41 System always lean
CODE 42 System always rich
CODE 43 EGO cool down occurred
CODE 44 Air management system inoperative
CODE 45 Air always upstream
CODE 46 Air not always bypassed
CODE 47 ***Up air/lean test always rich
CODE 48 Injectors unbalanced
CODE 51 ECT input too high
CODE 52 Power steering pressure switch is open or steering wheel not turned during KOER self-test
CODE 53 TPS input too high
CODE 54 ACT (VAT) input too high
CODE 55 Electrical charging under voltage
CODE 56 MAF (VAF) input too high
CODE 58 Idle tracking switch input too high (engine running test)
CODE 59 Trans. Hydraulic switch (THS 3/4) failed in open position (3.0L & 3.8L A/T only
CODE 61 ECT input too low
CODE 62 Trans. Hydraulic switch (THS 3/4) failed
CODE 63 TPS input too low
CODE 64 ACT (VAT) input too low
CODE 65 Electrical charging over voltage
CODE 66 MAF (VAF) input too low
CODE 67 Neutral drive switch--drive or accelerator on (engine off)
CODE 68 ITS open or AC on (engine-off test)
CODE 69 Trans. Hydraulic switch (THS 3/2) failed
CODE 72 No MAP change in goose test''
CODE 73 No TPS change in goose test''
CODE 74 Brake on/off switch always open or not activated during test
CODE 75 Brake on/off switch always closed or circuit shorted
CODE 76 No MAF (VAF) change in goose test''
CODE 77 Operator did not do goose test''
CODE 79 Neutral drive switch (NDS) or A/C input signal interrupted
CODE 81 Thermactor air bypass (TAB) circuit fault
CODE 82 Thermactor air diverter (TAD) circuit fault
CODE 83 EGR control (EGRC) circuit fault
CODE 84 EGR vent (EGRV) circuit fault
CODE 85 Canister purge (CANP) circuit fault
CODE 86 WOT A/C cut-off circuit fault (all 3.8L and 5.0L Continental)
CODE 87 Fuel pump circuit fault
CODE 88 Throttle kicker circuit fault (5.0L)
CODE 89 Check Continuity Of VPWR Circuit
CODE 91 Right EGO always lean
CODE 92 Right EGO always rich
CODE 93 Right EGO cool down occurred
CODE 94 Right secondary air inoperative
CODE 95 Right air always upstream
CODE 96 Right air always not bypassed
CODE 97 RPM drop (with fuel lean) but right EGO rich
CODE 98 RPM drop (with fuel rich) but right EGO lean
CODE 99 ECA has not stored enough information to control idle speed (CFI engines only
** - On 1986 and later vehicles, this code represents RPM too high/low or throttle pedal was depressed during KOER Self-Test
*** - Low flow of unmetered air on 1987-88 1.9L EFI engine

Apr 26, 2012.