1988 Dodge Dakota

I have a 88 dodge dakota 2.2L, and it has some problems that I cant really get to the bottom of. It loses power after driving for a few miles, like it barely wants to pull at all even on a stretch. And another thing is that it wont crank sometimes like there is no fuel getting to the carb. I blew the lines out once before, but I dont have an air compressor anymore at home. I see that it is leaking around the head gasket cause after I try to craank it I see air bubbles coming from around that area. Other than the obvious, what else could be a factor in my problem?
October 25, 2012.

Don't ever put air pressure to the fuel lines. All you can do is harm. You need to test fuel pressure and exhaust backpressure during the failure to try to narrow things down.

Oct 25, 2012.