1987 Mercedes Benz 300e • 2WD Automatic •

I need to replace the oil pan on a 1989 Mercedes 300E. 6 cylinder automatic How would you do this?
January 26, 2011.


Wow my friend this is probably something you don t want to see. I looked in the manual and you need to remove the engine.


Removal & Installation

Drain engine oil. Remove engine from vehicle. See ENGINE under ENGINE, MANIFOLDS & CYLINDER HEAD. Remove oil pan bolts. Remove oil pan. To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure all gasket material or sealant is cleaned from oil pan and cylinder block.

Would you like info on that?

Jan 27, 2011.
Hi thank you for your response. It sounds awful, but yes I would like all the information to do such a job if you would be so kind. Thanks again.

Jan 27, 2011.

Well Sir, it doesn t look like the manual provides too much information and no pics. You might consider checking Autozone etc to see if they have a better manual.

Also, I would still get a few estimates just to see. Just a quick look at ours, we show roughly about $500 to $600 dollars. It may be worth that if you don t have a lift or engine crane. Also, you may not have to totally remove the entire engine. You may just have to raise it once the mounts are loose. Just an idea.

Sorry about the lack of info on this one. Hope this helps.

Removal (300E)
1. Raise hood to vertical position. Drain cooling system. Remove air cleaner. Disconnect negative battery cable.
2. On vehicles with level control, remove pressure pump with lines, and set aside. Remove A/C drier assembly and hose from compressor.
3. Disconnect all coolant, fuel, vacuum and electric lines at cylinder head and intake manifold. Disconnect throttle linkage. Pull throttle cable through slot bracket.
4. Remove valve cover with ignition cables and distributor cap. To remove distributor cap, use a "T" handle 5 mm hex wrench about 2 1/2" long. Remove distributor rotor.
NOTE: DO NOT rotate engine using camshaft sprocket bolt. DO NOT rotate engine in reverse direction. Prior to rotating crankshaft, switch off ignition and insert Safety Plug (102 589 02 21 21 00) into diagnosis socket.
5. Drain oil from power steering pump and disconnect hoses. Pull cable for TDC transmitter from test socket and remove test socket.
6. Disconnect engine shock absorber from frame side member. Remove engine stop bracket.
7. Disconnect drive shaft from transmission. Loosen slide piece as well as fastening bolts for drive shaft intermediate bearing. Push back drive shaft as far as possible. Partially remove heat guide plate in vehicle floor.
8. Disconnect exhaust system at exhaust manifold. Disconnect speedometer at transmission cover. On manual transmission models, disconnect hydraulic line from clutch master cylinder. On automatic transmission models, remove lines to transmission oil cooler (plug ends of lines and fittings).
9. Attach hoist to lifting eyes on engine and take up slack. Remove rear engine support. From below, disconnect bolts on front engine mounts. Remove engine and transmission at a 45 degree angle.
1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Check engine mounts, engine shock absorber, coolant, oil and fuel hoses and replace if necessary. Before installing manual transmission, check pilot bearing on rear of crankshaft and release bearing, replace if necessary.
2. Check for proper installation of shielding on right front engine mount. Adjust engine stop. Recharge A/C system. Check ignition timing and idle speed adjustment.

Jan 28, 2011.