1986 Ford Ranger • 200,000 miles

Starts runs good till engine is warm tries to stall for a few mins then is fine till you shut it off then does it again
Gary w jr
March 11, 2012.

That light is just a timer/reminder.

Mar 11, 2012.
After performing the required emission control maintenance, the module must be replaced or reset, depending on type of module used. On module equipped with reset feature, reset the module as follows: Place ignition switch in the Off position.
On Bronco II and Ranger models, the lamp control module is located on the righthand side of the instrument panel below the glove compartment.
Insert a suitable phillips head screwdriver through.2 inch diameter hole located on module near the reset sticker and lightly press down and hold.
While still lightly pressing down on screwdriver, turn ignition switch to Run position. The emissions maintenance lamp should remain illuminated for as long as the screwdriver is pressing down. Hold screwdriver in position for approximately five seconds.
Remove screwdriver, lamp should go out after approximately two to five seconds, indicating the module has been reset. If lamp fails to go out, repeat reset procedure. Place ignition switch in the Off position.
Turn ignition switch to Run position and check to ensure emission maintenance lamp is illuminated for two to five seconds. After approximately two to five seconds the lamp should turn off.

Mar 11, 2012.