1985 Mercedes Benz 300sd

I just bought the car. I was told that the motor is not the orginal. It was rebuilt and has about 20,000 miles. The car has over 400,000 miles. I don't know how many miles are on the transmission. The car smokes a lot. The car has very little power. However will run 80 MPH, no problem. The transmission shifts hard. What suggestions do you have for checking out my problems.

Smoking car?
No power?
Shifts hard?
December 8, 2012.

You probably have a solenoid problem. Automatic tranmsission diagnosis and repair is so difficult it takes extra special expertise and tools. That is why you see specialy shops like AAMCO. They are overpriced thpough. So use the internet to find a transmission specialist near you to see what the diagnosis is becuase doing it by text is never definitive when it comes to autmatic transmissions.

I know $20 is not much. But is that all I get? Your answer was no help. I know where the local shops are and could have done that. I want to fix this myself and save some money. If this is all you offer, I want my money back. Thanks

Dec 8, 2012.
I am sorry I did not elaborate more. Sometimes I do get overwhelmed with volume, but this is a very poor answer. I will give you more information but of course you can still get your money back.

The transmsissions pump pressure is off for some reason and causing hard shifting. It is hard to say which sensor. You would still need to at least have the trouble codes pulled before making a decision as to what is going on. It could just be a loose connector. Any Advance Auto or Auto Zone qill scan trouble codes fore free.

As far as the somke and low power, that sounds like the valve stems or leaking or even the head gasket may be bad. Yiou can borrow a compression tester from Advance Auto or Auto Zone. If you have low compression, you need a new head gasket.

I do apologize that you got such a short answer. With Automatic Transmissions I guess I just always suggest going to a shop because they are so difficult to work on. However you can still take a step or two before you know if you are still comfortable working on it and I did not give you that infomration. Once you get the codes back and look for any loose connections then you can determine what to do from there.

I am usually nver so abrupt with answers. So, I do apologize and I hope you would still come back as we have a whole team of techs who are really great.
I hope this information helps.

Thank you. I feel a lot better. I have taken a 1year sub.

Dec 9, 2012.
I am glad that made you feel bettter.
Of course I take any criticism into my work and try to improve it. So, I thank you for your honesty in how you fealt. It will help me out in the future.