1984 Ford E-Series Van • V8 2WD Automatic • 109,000 miles

At times my old ford van when turning the key to start it if it won't start I normally will stop turning it to start position and pump the gas and try again at times with the key off it will still make like it is cranking, once it was running and sounded like it was cranking at the same time I turned it to start and the cranking stopped and it then was like normal again. Tonight I started it and it was ok normal but this happened about 3 times now. I had the starter checked they said it was ok, I put a selinode on the fire wall it had the 2 prongs on it my old one had one but the counter man said that is ok just use one I done this a while back when I put the new battery in before this problem happened. I was told maybe it is the ignition switch I do not know the first thing about changing that. It is a 84 Ford E 150 Van 302 cu in. Thank You, Buddy R. Takasch
December 24, 2010.

The ignition switch is on the top of the steering column, under the dash.
You can check it in all positions with a Ohm-meter. I have an 82 Van and mine is still A-1. Just isolate the ignition wires for shorts.
Ignition switch is easy to access. Just disconnect the battery first, disconnect harness from switch and remove the 2 bolts.
Keep in mind the position of the switch before removal.
There are oblong holes in the switch body.

Mar 18, 2011.
Hello hippo800 thank you very much for your help answering this question for me. It does it once in a while but if someone else drives the van I do not want this to happen to them cause they will not know what to do and they might flip, Thank you Buddy T with the 84 Ford ignition switch problem

Mar 21, 2011.