1984 Dodge 600 • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 65,000 miles


I am in the process of replacing a mechanical fuel pump for my 84 dodge 600 (2.6l). I have the pump unbolted but. When I attempt to pull it from the engine block it stops short about 1/4 inch from clearing the two bolts. It feels like metal on metal blocking from the inside. It gets more tight the further I pull it out.

I have the replacement pump trying to visualize what might be holding it back. My guess is the rocker arm is hanging up on something I obviously can't see.

Also, I removed the spring from the pump thinking that some flexibilty in the rocker arm might be an issue. No luck.

Currently, I have the pump out as far as it will go, just waiting for some insight.

Any suggestions, special tools, etc?

Thank you for your time.

Philip Youngman
March 19, 2011.

I remember the problem but not the solution. You might try sticking the pump most of the way back in then turning the engine half a revolution and trying again. The lever might be catching on the lobe that runs it.

Mar 19, 2011.
Bingo! That was it. You just saved me from dringing too much beer before the end of the project!

Mar 19, 2011.
I knew I had to be good for something!

Mar 19, 2011.