1983 Mazda RX7 • 85,000 miles

About 3 months ago the RX7 was getting hard to start and I had to keep pumping the accelerator more and more each time I tried to start it, up to 20 times or more before it would fire. Now it won't fire at all but it turns over ok. I only drive the car every week or so for a few miles. The gas has been in the car for a year or more so it is old. I have used Lucas fuel injecctor cleaner but no help. Fuel filter? Fuel pump? Thanks
Bob Garlie
October 29, 2011.

I have a 1981 mazda rx7 with the 12a in it I was driving down freeway and car just shut down and wouldnt start back up all it keep doin was clicking like if the starter went out but I replaced it n still doing the clicking

Jun 16, 2012.