1978 Chevrolet Malibu • 20,000 miles

I have had my malibu for about 2 months and have always ran 180 I changed both trans lines and changed oil and filter and now I'm running 190 I'm confused what could cause this and should I concerned sbc 350 I thought maybe my cluch fan so changed it no different
2000 tahoe one
April 23, 2012.

180 degrees is too cold. The system should be near 195 degrees for best combustion and lowest emissions. At lower temperatures gasoline doesn't vaporize as well, and liquid fuel does not burn. It just goes out the tail pipe, wasted. Pistons are made slightly out-of-round so they will be round when they expand from normal engine heat. Excessive wear will take place when the engine isn't up to normal temperature. That 10 degree difference is not significant but at 190 degrees you should have nothing to worry about. Be sure the shroud is in place behind the radiator and the radiator's cooling fins aren't crumbling from corrosion.

Apr 23, 2012.