1965 Ford Ranchero • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 80,900 miles

I just acquired a 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero (straight 6, 200cid(?), Rebuilt carb, Switched from Manual Trans stick in the column, to Automatic w 3gears shifter on the floor now.
It feels strong at speeds to 35ish but I hear a light "whiffing" sound at speeds over 40mph: it sounds Odd so.
WHAT should I check or Have Looked At?
(i'm a car newbie without a clue!- Appreciate any info you can share): THANKS!
January 10, 2011.

Thanks for sharing your car problem with us here at 2CarPros, we all like to think we can work wonders here at the site, but the wonders we work require some information to work with and your question needs some more "meat on the bones" to be understood. Also, noises are somewhat subjective and cyberspace does not lend itself to transmitting to us what you are hearing. Where is the noise coming from? What do you do to make the noise happen? If you think there is a safety issue, please have a safety inspection performed straightaway.

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 10, 2011.
Hi Doc! & Thanks much!
My first description was pretty vague, I know! I myself like to BELIEVE ALL the Mechanic/Technician 'Pro's' out there are 'Experts' too, but wouldn't that be foolish (!).
I'm sure if you had an Actual car in front of you, no doubt you'd be able to see hear & feel what's going on first-hand, and solve it, probably fairly quickly. Lemme' give you more details: When driving surface streets/daily city driving, there seems to not be any 'noticable' engine sounds or performance problems. But when I am on a highway/freeway, and need to get up in speed, once I get to 40mph(with an easier, gradual pressing on the accelerator pedal; Not punching it to get moving, after stopping briefly for a metered traffic light on-ramp.) The car will GET up to speeds of 50-60 or more even, but when driving at/near the higher mph's, I and others can then hear a sound, hard to describe litierally, but its more of a "whiff" (just say the word, but at a tempo&rate that might suggest the ticking of a bomb (or as it is so often portryed on TV!). The sound is less like the slower tick of a watch, or child's heartbeat.) Also, besides the sound, the engine seems to shake and or chug, although you can still depress the gas pedal and (try to) go even faster. But the shake/chug increases to make it an uncomfortably, loud, jittery ride.
A few of the teenager/hobbiests & garage Techs I know, have basically said to me several times: 'If it Aint Boke, dont (try to) Fix It'. So I feel very much like a DimWit here. But ONE of them (the youngest/?- A 13yr old) said; Oh you probably need to get a Stabilizer Bar for the Engine & one for the Rear-End, AND maybe check all the Gaskets & Hoses, and/or it could need an ' Intake/Carburater & Idle Adjustment '. So does any of this make sense or sound possibly the culprit? 'Cause I didnt want to mention it to the helpful Young'Un there, but a 'Stabilizer Bar for the Engine AND one for the Rear-End"?
For me. THATs usually involved ' Happy Hour ' & ' On-Tap ' and Of course I'm Of Age!
Thanks again, Doc!

Jan 10, 2011.
From the mouths of babes. My impression is that there might be a brake issue here, perhaps something in the tire/whhel/brake department. Or I could be way off base and the kid pegged it as something underhood. Maybe the airfilter is allowing the normal noise of the carb to get to your ear. What could be next is a question mark. Let me know what happens as you try to get to the issue and check things off the list. Dr. Hagerty

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 10, 2011.