1961 Cadillac Other • V8 •

I have a 1958 belmont BT fiberglass boat with a cadillac motor in it. I know nothing about the motor. The numbers on it a 1472224-2. If anyone can tell me the anything abou the motor It would be greatly appreciated! By the way its a V-8.
November 23, 2010.

I can't tell by the numbers you listed. Is the motor from 1958?

Thank you for replying to my question. Yes the motor is a 1958. Other than that I know nothing about it. I have attahed a picture of the numbers I found. If there are numbers in a different location that I should be looking for please advize. Thanks again, Chet

Nov 24, 2010.
The only thing I can find is that is appears to be a 390 cubic inch V8 that produced 325 HP. With the tri power (3, 2bbl carbs) it was 345 HP.