Mitsubishi Trouble Codes OBD1

When a check engine light is notice while driveling the computer system has detected a malfunction in the operating system. This two digit code will help define the code meaning and guide you to the repair needed to correct the problem. To gather troubles codes from the system located the diagnostic data port connector which is located under the dash by the kick panel on the driver's side. This connector has 12 terminal positions. Use an analog style of voltmeter (sweeper arm) set the voltmeter dial to continuity. Next, insert the positive lead into the number #1 terminal and the black or ground lead into the #12 terminal. Turn the ignition key tot he "on" position and watch the voltmeter needle. It will start to sweep from one side to the other. 

Count the needle sweeps the first set of sweeps will be followed by a second set of sweeps. This sweep number will be the first and second digit of the trouble code. For example, if the meter sweeps twice and then pauses and then sweeps forum more times the code number would be 24. To re-start code gathering simply turn the ignition key to the off position and then turn it back on again. Once the repairs have been made clearing codes is easy, remove the negative battery cable for two minutes and reconnect.

Mitsubishi Data Code Connector
Mitsubishi Data Code Connector

Common Mitsubishi Trouble Codes for 1989-1994 Cars

Code 11 Oxygen sensor fault

Code 12 Air flow sensor fault

Code 13 Intake temperature sensor

Code 14 Throttle position sensor fault

Code 15 SC Motor position sensor fault

Code 21 Engine coolant temperature sensor

Code 22 Crank angle sensor fault

Code 23 No.1 cylinder TDC sensor fault

Code 24 Vehicle speed sensor

Code 25 Barometric pressure sensor

Code 31 Knock sensor fault

Code 32 Manifold pressure sensor

Code 36 Ignition timing adjustment signal

Code 39 Oxygen sensor fault

Code 41 Injector fault

Code 42 Fuel pump fault

Code 43 EGR fault

Code 44 Ignition coil on 3.0L engines (1 and 2 cylinders)

Code 52 Ignition coil on 3.0L engines (2 and 5 cylinders)

Code 53 Ignition coil on 3.0L engines (3 and 6 cylinders)

Code 55 AV valve position sensor

Code 59 Heated oxygen sensor

Code 61 Transaxle control unit cable for automatic transmission

Code 62 Warm-up control valve position sensor

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