2003 Ford Focus • 2.3L 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 70,000 miles

When you turn on the ac or defrosters what is suppose to bump up your rpm's, is it your idle control valve or does the ac solenoid suppose to bump it up, because this whole thing started when turning on the ac in the summer, then it got the misfire code and the 2274, something is not compensating when a load is put on it, but then again it cuts out ac on or not it is just worse when ac or defroster is turned on. What is suppose to bump up rpm's when a load is put on it?
Randy sharp
February 15, 2014.

You may have more running problems than just the idle control. If its trying to stall regularly then start with the basics. If you haven't done so then change he fuel filter air filter and a tune up wouldn't hurt either. The idle air control does set up the idle under load and it may be dirty as well

It does't stall or even try to stall it just cuts out like for instance remember the older cars when you use to have a plug not hitting at all well this is that kind of miss but this miss is a miss for a second then hit for a few more seconds then a quick miss again it has never died or stalled.

Randy sharp
Feb 15, 2014.
Id say check the plugs it may be time for a tune up