1990 Volvo Wagon

Electrical problem
1990 Volvo Wagon 740 Turbo 4 cyl 2.3l eng Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles
The brake lights on this wagon come with lower housing 1157 bulbs for tail and brake lights, and the upper housing 1156 bulbs for brakes only, The upper 1156 is the problem not working, the 1156 bulbs are not blown and do not come on when brake is applied, however, the lower 1157 bulbs for tail and brake lights are Ok and properly working, the bulb failure light came on in instrument panel, the 15-A fuse is Ok, when brakes are applied, only the bottom brake lights work only, both upper 1156 bulbs are good, Help! Also when I checked the brakes fuse the 15-A and it was good, I noticed there is 3 " box type fuses alligned adjacent to the 15-A fuse, is one of them related to the brakes also? If not, got me puzzled, thinking about splicing into my lower brake light's wires to make it work, just a temp solution, any suggestions will be very much appreciated thank you, Jerry of West Virginia, USA " What an idiot I feel now, forget about my question, read owner's manual, found out that they are rear brake " FOG LIGHTS" and control switch is on dash under instrument panel, But why does that stupid instrument panel " bulb failure warning light keeps coming on when I turn on my head lamps and tail lights? There are no blown bulbs and are all working properly with exception with the bulb under the hood for night time engine view! Surely this is not of an important major issue, after all good ole flash lights work better to see what your doing.
August 1, 2010.

Check and test the bulb failure sensor and also if the yellow and black is open between the sensor and the bulb socket and the black wire for the ground

Aug 1, 2010.
Hey Raz, found out the 1156 bulbs in the rear are my Brake " Fog Lights" and come on by switch on dash under the instrument panel, works properly, however, all my bulbs are working with exception to the light under the hood for night time view of engine, it is out, will this cause the " Warning light bulb falure" to repeatedly come on when you turn your head and tail lights? It only comes on when night time driving only, Also where is that sensor relay your talking about located on this vehicle, owner's manual tells and shows you nothing to where to find this sensor and or what its function is, I knew I should have stuck with FORD, GM, or Chrysler after 59 years, just had to see what all the big deal was about " VOLVO", in my oppinion, TOO DAM EXPENSIVE PARTS & LABOR TO KEEP THEM RUNNING ON THE ROAD! VOLVO: " Very Old Lame Volkswagen Over-rated!&Quot;

Aug 1, 2010.
Component / Connector Views

Wiring Diagrams

2 Ignition switch

11 fusebox
22 Brake light
29 Positive terminal

31 Ground rail in electrical distribution unit

103 Warning lamp, bulb failure warning sensor
115 Bulb failure warning sensor

Aug 2, 2010.