2005 Volvo V50

Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Volvo V50 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 45200 miles

Please advise briefly on how to get to the oil filter to change it. I know you have to go under the hood on top(left hand side) but what specific parts need to be removed and are there any tricky steps to follow or be aware of in the process.

Thank you so much,
May 18, 2009.

Rich, I believe the vehicle has a cartridge filter. Just remove the cover from the filter, remove the filter, replace the O-rings that come with the new filter and you should be fine.

Yes I understand all that you said, but how do I get to the oil filter? As I mentioned, it needs to be accessed from the top hood access on the left side, but there are several parts that need to be removed before I reach the oil filter plastic screw off cover. I have tried, but not sure of removing these parts. Are they screwed off, clip out, etc. How many and what parts, please advise in detail. Thank you!

May 19, 2009.
Remove the 10mm screw on the side of the cover if it has the side cover and the screw will be on side of the intake. Then remove the 2 bolts from the fresh air tube. They are going to be either 8mm or 10mm. Remove the plastic fresh air hose and below is the other half of that hose which is an elbow shape. You may need to muscle that piece out. After you remove it you have access to the canister housing. I do not know the exact size of the socket you will need since I already have that tool sorry. You need at least a 6 inch extension with a swivel to attach the socket. Maybe a 24mm but not 100% Loosen the filter then drain the oil so the canister will drain out with the rest of the oil down in the drain plug. Good luck.

I am attaching a pic about that fresh air tube....

May 20, 2009.