2004 Volvo S80

Computer problem
2004 Volvo S80 6 cyl 49,000 miles

The 'leak diagnostic pump' has failed the computer test and the dealer wants me to replace it--I understand it is a fuel vapor detection pump for emmission information.

Do I have to replace this?

The tech said that all he could tell me is if I do not replace this, the 'check engine' light will stay on and I will not know when I have another problem.

Seems pretty lame to me--can I have this detector disconnected from the computer?
January 1, 2009.

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Also if you need to get back with me please let me know if your model is a S80, S80 T6 or a T6 premium. Also the engine size in liter and your VIN.

Tough question. The pump does two things. The function of the leak diagnostic unit is to pressurize the fuel tank system during leak diagnostics and to open the fuel tank system to the surrounding air during evaporative emissions control.

My concern would be it may affect the other emission control items.

I can not see a cost on it. Probably pricy. You might check the web for it. Also you could try unplugging it and see if you get any other lights or problems. Or drive with the light on.

My suggestion. Replace.

Jan 1, 2009.
May be too late an answer but usually upgrading the ECM software will take care of the problem. The LDP uses current to detect a leak in the evap system and as the LDP ages it consumes more current causing it to set a false code. You may be eligible for the extended engine management software upgrade warranty but you would need to go to VOLVO to verify. But that is what I would do first before replacing the LDP.

Mar 29, 2009.
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Hopefully Patty1971 will catch this.

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Mar 29, 2009.