2002 Volvo S80

2002 Volvo S80 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

I have a pretty good list of various brands of the engine air filter, oil filter, inside a/c filters, pvc filter (and o ring), but, by golly, even though I bought two online manuals (not to mention the XXXdiy. Com brands), they don't even show where these filters go, much less how to change them out. I don't even have an image of where the oil drain plug is.

I know Volvo is rather tight with their information, but, I've never seen such LACK of general information. I have brand F manuals that cost $10and I can completely disassemble and reassemble the vehicles with these. I saw one other volvo oil filter process on your site I thought was quite good on another model, but, alas, I'm going mad trying to find the information on mine.
March 12, 2009.

What filter do you need help with?

Mar 12, 2009.
The cabin filter is located on the passenger side. Below the glove box remove the 2 25torque screws to pull cover away. There you will see the climate box. Below there is 4 25torque screws you need to remove and unless you have a comressor and a 1/4 drive air ratchet to remove this screws you will be cursing your vehicle.

Mar 29, 2009.