2001 Volvo S80

Air Conditioning problem
2001 Volvo S80 6 cyl Automatic 87000 miles

We just bought this used Volvo and lov eit. BUT we have noticed on occassion, that even with the engine off, the air conditioner will either stay on or turn on by itself. Do you have any idea where we would begin to find out the problem? Also, is this model one that even with the engine off, we hear the motor fan [? Not sure what?] Still running? My husband says someone told him that is normal, the car is just cooling off!
We are new to this manufacturer and would appreciate any advice or help!
June 23, 2008.

If the A/C fan is staying on after turning off the car, (if the A/C was being used) and does go off after about 10-15 minutes this is normal, this is the after blow function. This helps dry the condensor is dash and the vents to help eliminate moisture and odors.

Jeff Lydic
Jul 1, 2008.