2003 Volvo S60

2003 Volvo S60

A freind of mine has an 03 volvo S60. It blew a head gasket. I am trying to help him but cant seem to find a repair manual anywhere. The head is off the car and now we are stuck because he moved the crank by accident. I need to know the procedure for setting the valve timming and the torque settings for the head and the valve covers. Please can someone help?
Tim dominick
July 26, 2008.

At ther back of the crank sprockets there will be 2 teeth that have a little notch. On the block there will be some sort of mark and that needs to be aligned in between those 2 notches. As for the cam cover you need a special tool to install the cover. You will also need a special tool to lock the cams in place to align the CVVT. If you dont have any of those tools it is going to be very difficult to set the timing.

May 12, 2009.