P0107 AND P0101

2001 Volvo S40

Engine Performance problem
2001 Volvo S40 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 115000 miles

Hi. This is a 2001 Volvo S40 1.9L turbo. I've been having much less power on acceleration and engine roughness or stumbling accompanied with occasional stall and codes P0107 and P0101. I've already replaced the MAF and the MAP sensors and spark plugs. Before the codes would erase and come back later. Now they will not erase. Does the MAF need to be calibrated aka " reset MAF adaptations" at the dealer like Mercedes Benz? Any info solving this headache would be great.
July 8, 2010.

For the most part when you get a map sensor code and mass air flow sensor the map senor near the fuel rail is the one that mostly fails. When you say you replaced the map sensors I assume you mean you replaced both map sensors? If you did then you may want to try and disconnect the engine control module to reset the fuel trim adaptations?

Jul 9, 2010.
Yes I found out two minutes after my post that there were two map sensors. I've replaced the one under the fuel rail and that solved the problem! Thanks for your input. I'll use this site next time I'm in a pinch.

Jul 10, 2010.
I am glad I was able to help.

Jul 11, 2010.
I have same issue, I want to change MAP sensor and which one should l have to change 1st?
Also, I want to know that one near idle sensor, is it hard to change?

Can I do it?

Sep 10, 2013.