1996 Volvo 960

I just bought a used 1997 volvo 960 sedan with 119,000 miles, 6 cylinder. It started fine when I bought it. Used it several times the first day with 3 -4 hour intervals before starting and no problems. Left overnight it would not turn over. There was a click and the belt starts to turn. I was able to jump it and it started. Now after sitting 36 hours ir can not be jumped. I have checked all fuses. What might it be and what should I do?
July 22, 2007.

First, check the battery terminal connections, they should be clean and tight, next check the battery surface voltage, if below 12.4 volts the battery needs to be charged before you can go further. If the battery does not accept a full charge replace it with a new unit. After installing the battery start the car and test the alternator output, it should be between 13.6 volts and 14.2 volts at idle. If the voltage is lower replace the alternator with new and retest system. Please let us know how it goes, Thanks for visiting 2CarPros. Com : D

2CarPros Ken
Aug 9, 2007.