1992 Volvo 940

Smells problem
1992 Volvo 940


Ever since my mechanic replaced the fuel pump, I smell gas while I'm driving. I went back to him, but he told me that there's no leak. He didn't do any furthur action. Could this be something related to the replacement of my fuel pump?
October 29, 2010.

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I would have the mechanic check nothing has been left loose (fuel lines/sealing ring etc.) Also there are no cracks or damage to fuel lines. If the repair was done very recently it could be a left over smell and will clear up in a little time. If your mechanic will not recheck get a second opinion from another tech.

Dave H
Oct 30, 2010.
You could also have a problem with the little backflow valve located at the front of the fuel rail where fuel goes to the injectors. It has a diaphram that is supposed to keep fuel from leaking back from the injector rail. This could even lead to fuel flooding the injectors giving a fuel odor. Have this replaced and see if this fixes the problem, it did mine.

Aug 6, 2011.