1924 Volvo 240

I have a 1988, volvo 240 wagon small 4 cyl, 150k miles, it stoped running 3 months ago, this spring I found an salvage air flow meter and replaced old one, car cranked and ran well for a couple of days, then quite again, now I have spark, timming good/belt ok, fuel getting to injectors, est pressure 10psi, but car won't try to start, suspect injectors not getting signal, caint feel them click, not really a volvo man really need some help here, thanks, strib.
March 27, 2007.

Put a " noid" light on an injector plug to verify pulse. Also need to be sure of the fuel pressure, it is very important to fuel injected engines. Volvos are odd, they dont turn some things on until the MAF sees that the engine is turning

Mar 28, 2007.