1998 Volkswagen Van

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
1998 Volkswagen Van Two Wheel Drive Manual 137000 miles

My problem is that the last couple of days when I have been driving my van, it seems to be sluggish, I took no notice and put it down to the ice and snow on the roads.
But this morning there was a serious rubbing sound coming from the rear left wheel. I stopped at a filling station and when I pulled in a guy aproached me and said the rear near side wheel was not moving but been dragged when I pulled in.
This been true I had to drive on as I was miles from home, the noise then decreased but im sure the problem has not gone away.
Could this be down to the icey weather, maybe somthing froze or could it be the caliper locked on the left side?Can anyone help?
January 8, 2010.

Most likely you have a seized emergency brake cable

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Dr Loot
Jan 19, 2010.