1985 Volkswagen Van

Engine Performance problem
1985 Volkswagen Van 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 190000 miles

so I have a 1985 vw vanogan. We have had it for awhle now and it has started having problums with getting going off the line at stop lights and what not you have to rev it really high to get it to move and sometimes it will hardly move.(Pissed alot of people off at red lights) we thought it was injectors but we have replaced them 2 times and then we thought compresion but we went through and tested and it was good now we are thingking electrical. Any help guys?

thank you wyatt
April 21, 2010.

You are correct it is electrical, it is the throttle positioning sensor, it is located underneath throttle body it is a micro switch, problem is they are unavailable anymore, I do make custom ones and I charge $200 the van will never run right without that being fixed

Dr Loot
Oct 4, 2010.