1978 Volkswagen Van

Engine Performance problem
1978 Volkswagen Van 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles

I have a 1978 VW van with about 120000 miles that's been sitting, without ANY movement for at least 5 years now. What do you suggest I do before I turn it over for the first time. It's been suggested to drain the gas etc. Should I drain, flush and refill all the fluids. I'm anxious to turn this thing over but I don't want to create more problems.
ALSO; Where might I go, weather via the internet or physically to obtain info to complete this renovation quest.
March 23, 2009.

Ok first off you will need some seafoam for the tank and for the cylinders. I would pull out the spark plugs and put about a cap full of seafoam in each cylinder and turn it over by manually to ensure all it freed up. Then I would drain the fuel tank and put in some new fuel like 5 gallons or so and add the rest of the seafoam. Then change the oil and filter and put in a new fuel filter too. After all this is done then attempt to wake her up.

Mar 23, 2009.