1978 Volkswagen Van

Engine Mechanical problem
1978 Volkswagen Van 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

The 2000 cc air cooled engine leaks oil around the pushrod tube seals. Over the years I have replaced the seals many times and they always start to leak almost immediately. I make sure the bore mating surfaces are clean and apply a little grease to the to the rings that I get from VW.

How do I stop the leaks?

Does anyone make a better " O" ring?
William Lee
April 25, 2009.

I had the same problem with my 1969 van in 1973, they did not have the kind of glues they have today, putting grease on the O-ring is not going to seal anything, the only thing I've found that works is super-blue by Purmatex, make sure you wipe clean all the surfaces with carburetor spray before applying and reassemble

Dr Loot
May 18, 2009.