1978 Volkswagen Van

Electrical problem
1978 Volkswagen Van 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 75000 miles

My VW van jus had the engine removed, because it would not run before. When we got everything back together it would not start because the fuel pump is not getting power from the double relay. The starter tries to turn the engine over, but when we tested the 88d terminal (fuel pump) on the double relay there was no power getting to it. However, the terminal in which the relay recieves power makes the test light shine. Another point: there is no power at the coil. So the points I have come up with are:

Relay is getting power, but not giving any out.
the coil is not recieveing power
fuel pump is not running.

Any help you can offer would be awesome
April 4, 2010.

Check the wiring when you hooked up the new engine. See if there is a crossed wire. The power you get from the relay could be coming from another source. Check the fuses, Check the ignition switch for loose or correded wires. Then check the relay with the switch on and off to see if you still are getting voltage

May 26, 2010.