1984 Volkswagen Rabbit

Electrical problem
1984 Volkswagen Rabbit 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 11000 miles

HI I have a 1984 vw rabbit wolfsberg ed about 11000 miles I was driving it one day and hit a bump going into waltmarts parking lot I got it going right after and parked it and when I came out of the store I tried to start it and I could not here the fule pump I herd is buzzing befor everytime I started it so I pushed it home and got a new fule pump and its still not working I even checked the fule pump realy it didnot fall out or jar loose I dont know what els I can check
November 17, 2009.

How did you check the fuel pump relay? Remove the fuel pump relay take a jumper wire and jump the fuel pump and see if it comes on.

Dr Loot
Feb 12, 2010.