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We have a 1999, VW New Beetle, with a 2.0 engine, and 116,000 miles on it. While replacing the brake pads and rotors all around it yesterday, we noticed that there is a hose that goes nowhere. We can't seem to find where it's supposed to attach. There is a difference in the engine if you put your finger over the end of the hose- so I was thinking maybe a vacuum hose. We had a book for this car, but unfortunately it burned up in a garage fire 5 weeks ago, and we are still waiting for insurance payment to replace the important things. We were hoping someone would be kind enough to help us out- by posting a diagram of the hose placements, or by telling us where to look to find where this goes. It was up near the top left of the engine- and goes toward the right side of the car- but was just stuffed down inside-

like it broke and someone didn't fix it?
March 14, 2007.

I know this is an old post, but if someone else is reading this.

See attached "edited" image.

Feb 19, 2012.
That hose goes behind the oil cap (sorry im bad with terminology lol bare with me and you can fix this) do you see the thicker hose attached to the thing between the circular thingy and the air filter box accordion looking tube? It has a butterfly metal hose clamparound the thicker hose. The "vacuum tube you found goes to the same thingy but directly under it : ) any questions? Let me know and I wil try and upload a picture. Good luck.

I thought my edited picture was worth a thousand words. : -)

Guess with a 5 year old thread it doesn't matter, I'm sure it is attached
by now. LOL

May 22, 2012.