1983 Volkswagen Other

I recently bought my first car. A Volkswagen Golf type 1. It still has an manual choke and I can't get used to it. Each time I started the car and I drove for almost 5 minutes it keeps falling out. Eventhough I closed to choke or if I pull out the choke further.
Last week the car didn't want to start at all anymore.
I already cleaned the carburateur and I replaced the bougies today. Does anyone else has the golden tip for me so that I can keep getting along with this car?
November 11, 2006.

You may have to rubuild the carb to get the best out of it. Also do you know how to use it? If it's set by the pedal stomp it once before you start it. If it's on a pull you gotta just learn your cars touch. To much will flood it and not enough will lean it out. You wanna warm it up for a whole minute and then back it in slowly (watching the rpm's to keep the idle normal as you warm up). But don't stomp the pedal when starting with a choke on because that just defeats its pourpose

Dec 7, 2006.