1997 Volkswagen GTI

Engine Cooling problem
1997 Volkswagen GTI 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 145k miles

The Thermestate housing bottom hose that goes to passenger side of vehicle does it have a seal or what? Cause when I took it off it woudnt come completly off but I could Rotate it enough to Get the thermestate out. But it woudnt come complely out an I can not see back there fully. Plz Help I am putting back the new theremstate now. Its November 1st, 09 at 6 : 16 pm. Thanks for the help Have a nice day
November 1, 2009.

On 6 cylinder models, the thermostat is mounted in the housing. The thermostat housing is located on the rear of the cylinder head.

Drain the engine coolant.
Remove the mounting bolts from the flange.
Remove the flange and the thermostat

Nov 3, 2009.