1999 Volkswagen Beetle

1999 Volkswagen Beetle 102973 miles

If my wife's new beetle sits for more than a couple of days the battery is dead when she tries to start it. Depending on how long it has sat, sometimes it will start again if we jump it. Other times we'll have to replace the battery.

Is this an alternator problem?
February 4, 2008.

Did you figure out your problem because my 2001 VW new beetle is doing the exact same thing? I have had it in several repair shops and nobody can figure out where the draw is actually coming from.

I have no answers for you I was hoping you knew more than I do : > )

Apr 17, 2008.
After 5 long weeks at the VW dealer they finally traced the problem to our trunk latch. When we bought the car (used) the trunk release didn't work properly and the dealer " fixed" it before we took the car. Well, they fixed it enough to open and close with our key remote, but didn something to cause it to drain the battery.

During that 5 week time they checked a number of other possibilities. They felt confident the drain was coming from our comfort control module. Which basically controls a lot of the electrical in the car. There are modules in each door and the trunk, but all of ours checked out. The main module is in the dash. They pulled our dash apart, put a new module in and it still didn't work.

We had explained that our trunk popped everytime we'd try to start the car on a low battery so they revisited the truck and found the problem.

Several hundred dollars later car is fixed. What an ordeal! Unfortunately it wasn't a quick fix like we were hoping.

Hopefully that wil give you some direction. Good luck with your beetle!

Apr 17, 2008.