1974 Volkswagen Beetle

Electrical problem
1974 Volkswagen Beetle 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

My coil overheats very quickly. Tried three different coils: two of the coils are brand new. I've replaced my condenser, points, and plugs and cleaned my carburettor and replaced carburettor kit. When the coil is cool my bug starts better then a new car. When I drive it, it accelerates beautifully. But after a kilometre or so the coil heats up extremely and the car cuts out. Could it be a wiring fault causing the coil to overheat?
Da B
January 18, 2010.

Do this check the voltage at the coil positive when the engine is idling if you got 12 volts and higher it will burn up the coil there should be a resistor wire from the coil to the ignition switch its purpose is to drop the voltage to 9volts

Jan 18, 2010.
Ok! Coil resistor works like a charm, coil no longer overheats. Last night I drove the car. My timing is set perfect, did it static, put a timing light on it and according to that the timing is 100%. I cleaned my points. But my car cut out again. Before it cut out last night it jerked. I could smell fuel, almost as if my carburetor was flooding. Then I got out and found out my battery was also dead. I drove the car a couple of kilo's and I've got an alternator that charges very good. Could the battery be the cause of the car cutting out this time? Could incorrect air-fuel mixture cause the flooding? Please help!

Da B
Jan 20, 2010.
Check the dwell angle, vacuum advance and acc. Pump to include the fuel pressure.

Load test the battery if okay could be the alternator not putting out the correct output

Jan 21, 2010.
Hi guys. I've done everything now, my ignition system is new. New spark plugs, distributor, points, condenser, coil, carburettor (cleaned and kit replaced), new fuel pump, idling jet, wiring redone by professional auto electrician. There are no shorts on my car and my coil no longer overheats. But, the car still cuts out. It starts like a dream. This is what happens: On pull away it seems fine. I drive it slowly for about two kilometres just to get the engine going, but the moment I floor it, the car somehow chokes first and then picks up speed. If I drive it at 60 km/h it cuts out after something like 5 km. When I get out the car's coil is still fine and nothing seems wrong, there no funny smells or any sign of engine problems. After it cuts out it doesn't want to start up again. The starter still swings, but it's almost as if the car is out of fuel. When I leave the car for about an hour it starts up again. My question is WTF? I've spent a whole lot of money on my Beetle in the past three months and I still can't drive it. It's my primary means of transportation. I love my car and my dad just wants me to sell it, but I don't want to! Please help.

Da B
Mar 29, 2010.
Did you ever figure out what it was?

Sep 23, 2010.
I know this is late but drain the tak remove it and clean it out change all rubber hoses blow out all metal hosed put a new fuel filter in this may help

Mar 25, 2013.