2006 Vauxhall Other

Engine Performance problem
2006 Other Vauxhall Models 4 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Manual 10000 miles

I baught a flooded diesel vauxhall combo van. Easy to start but brings out white smoke, I drove it for more than 100miles, runs well but missfires yu can feel it wants to go but its being choked. The diesel in the tank is fine, I had the injectors tested & they are fine.

I thought if its water it was going to clear after a long drive but this has not hapened. Please help. I have no money to buy another engine.
March 30, 2008.

All emmissions systems and powertrain are controlled by the PCM (computer) this could be damaged or other sensors could be damaged. Is the MIL (engine management light) showing on the dash display. There are too many varialbles with a flood damaged vehicle to offer a diagnosis !

Dave H
Feb 22, 2009.