1990 Vauxhall Other

Electrical problem
1990 Other Vauxhall Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 130000 miles


In the wintertime, my car suffers from immense condensation underneath the bonnet when left for more than a day. This causes the electrical system to ground and the car not to start.

This means every sunday, I have to wipe my ignition system dry and use damp start spray to get the engine running.

My question is, without covering the engine with a blanket when left, is there a way to stop this moisture building up such as maybe cutting a vent in the bonnet, or any other way?
December 15, 2008.

Go to a scrap/recycle yard and purchase some of the fire retardent sound proofing which is fr=itted to newer vehicle's !!

Dave H
Mar 10, 2009.