2008 Toyota Yaris

Engine Performance problem
2008 Toyota Yaris 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 44700 miles

In May the gas tank was filled by accident with the Diesel Fuel. The tank was half full at the time.
The whole system has been flushed at the Dealer.
The car was performing OK, however yesterday the " Engine warning Light" came on.
After inspection, the dealer suggests replacing:
catalytic converter
02 sensor
4 fuel injectors
spark plugs.
they also suggest that there might be further damage to the engine, not known at this time.
Is all that really necessary? Or is the dealer taking advantage of me?
What would you suggest as best option?
This is terribly expensive, and I can't afford it at all.
August 19, 2010.

Hi Danuta,

What are the trouble codes retrieved?

I don't think it is necessary to replace all the components as it is not possible for all of them to fail at once.

Aug 20, 2010.
Thank you for the reply.
According to the invoice they found the following cause: P0300, 301, 302,303, 304, P0240.


Aug 23, 2010.
P0300 to P0304 are misfiring codes and it could be due to bad compression or spark plug related issues. Get them checked/replaced if necessary.

I believe you mean P0420 which indicates the catalytic converter could be bad.

Get the misfiring codes resolved first and retest. The P0420 could be a faulty catalytic converter or a by-product of the misfring codes.

Aug 23, 2010.
You could probably get by with O2 sensors and CAT and plugs, fuel filter, injectors should not be permanently damaged.

You would need to drain tank, flush fuel system after removing injectors. In any case, it will not be cheap.

Nov 21, 2010.