1998 Toyota Tercel

Electrical problem
1998 Toyota Tercel 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 187000 miles

I lost my head lights.
NO high beams, NO diped or low beams. NO running lights, Thats the ones that come on when the car is started and the hand brake is off.
All other lights are OK. Including the marker orange lights / parking lights, indicator, turn and back up lights are fine.
I have checked all the fused I can find which are the ones beside the windshield washer filler in the front left of the enging compartment. There is a " dimmer' and another relay and four 10 Amp fuses for the left, right, high and low beams.

The main fuse box in front of the left hand wheel well in the engine compartment.

The fuse box on the left of the drivers seat under the dash board near the hood release handle.

I have visualy checked for loose or damaged wireing.
There is 12 volts going to the toggle switch that switches on the head lights.
The High / low / High beam flasher has not effect.

Please help.
Paul de courcy
September 19, 2008.

Hi paul
look in engine at the relay box No. 5 is dimmer relay this is the only thing I see that can take out lights & DRL. There may a similar relay in box switch it see if lights come on.
Let me know
Thanks for donation

Sep 19, 2008.
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Could you tell me if box no. 5 is the one beside the windshield washer filler and attached to the left wheel well. I have a unite there with 2 relays and 4 fuses. One relay is "Head "and the other is "Dimmer ". Both are working.

Question. If the was the dimmer relay that had quit in one position, the default position is low beams, should not the low head lights not work any way?

The 4 fuses are 10 Amps each and are for right, left, high and low beams. All are good.

In the main fuse / relay box there is a 30 Amp. Fuse no 27 marked as "dimmer "and controls "HEAD RL (LWR), LL (LWR), RH (UPR) and LH (UPR). All are good.

Is there an inline fuse some where in the wiring harness.

Just a reminder. I have no head lights or running light. All other lights are working. The toggle switch on the column that switches on the head lights seems to working. The battery has not been changed or disconnected, I have not got or given a jump start.

Any suggestions you may have I will be grateful for.
Any four letter word that I know are quite inadequate for the situation. Do you know any 5 or 6 letter words that would describe the situation better.

Thank you.


Paul de courcy
Sep 20, 2008.
Been out of town Have looked again and think problem maybe in DRL Relay #4 in bow left fenderwell. Take a test light to the headlight connector on left light see if power is on red/yellow & red/green? On right red/white & red/blue? If power then hook test light to batt positive then touch to brown wire if it does not light up then relay #4 DRL is not closind to ground lights. Terminal #1 on rlay should be ground #3 power and #4 ground.
Let me know what you find

Sep 23, 2008.
Hi Master A.S.E. Technician.
I thank you for your help.
The problem was in the " Day time running light relay" It is located behind the dash board, infornt of the gear shift. Althought the blue/yellow going to the Dome fuse was ok. The red/green grounding wire was not Accepting the ground brown wires.
Dam thing took me all week to find. A very unuasual problem.
Thanks again for your help.

Paul de courcy
Sep 24, 2008.
Hi again.
I can not find where to donate.
I did say I would give $20 in the begining. Have you got that all ready. If not please let me know.


Paul de courcy
Sep 24, 2008.
Hi Paul
Glad you got it repaired sorry to have left you but this was an unusual one. Shows you did donate so until next time Happy Motoring

Sep 24, 2008.