1991 Toyota Tercel

Engine problem
1991 Toyota Tercel 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 164000 miles

I recently replaced an exhaust valve on my 1991 toyota tercel. When I put everything back together I tried to check the timing with a timing gun, but I was unable to find any information in the book or online about what the timing should be. Can you help?
December 10, 2007.

Jump check connector TE-1 to E-1 now check the ignition timing it should read 10 degrees before top dead center, if not adjust it, lock down the distributor and your done.

Dec 10, 2007.
I also have the same problem, I replace my bro timing belt, car starts and idles really good, but when I check the timing with the gun marking from pulley and marking on the belt cover dont align no matter how I adjust the distributor, what can I do to get it to align?Thanks

Jan 12, 2009.