1992 Toyota Previa

Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Toyota Previa 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

I bought a 1992 previa cheap b/c it had 'electrical problems'. After removing all aftermarket electronics, I rewired the ignition and a few other wiring harnesses.

I charged the battery that was in it, and it was reading 10 volts at least (yes, my meter doesn't measure 12v well.). So trying to start it, the starter will start and turn the motor slightly and slowly, then the engine stops, the starter stops, and the starter solenoid provides a nice vibrant click. Further turns of the ignition may repeat the same once, then the solenoid just clicks and the starter doesn't turn at all.

Any ideas on what may be wrong? Is the motor seized? Or could it just be the starter? The starter IS turning the engine, but not by much, then it just fades to only the solenoid clicking.

Now, there WAS a lot of extra wiring in the entire vehicle, and one was specific wire was going from somewhere (don't recall exactly) and was spliced into the wiring/plug for the starter. I removed that wire and taped up the wire.
November 15, 2009.

Load test the battery if it doesn't hold 9.6 volts within 10secs get it replace

Nov 15, 2009.
Okay. Update. I charged the battery all day, put it in it, and after about 10 seconds of ignition-on, it started. Its loud as all get out, and when I turned the headlights on, the engine started fluctuating really badly as far as RPM's go, and then the engine died. Is this a problem with the battery, or could there be something else at fault? Additionally, when under the vehicle, there is a LOT of oil seepage everywhere. Could I have a bad head gasket?

Nov 16, 2009.
Get your battery and alternator checked out-the battery might be giving good voltage but its sulfated

Nov 16, 2009.