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92 toyota corola 64000 miles 4 cylinder.
Cranks but won't start. Checked for spark. No spark.
replaced cap wires & rotor. Still no spark
i have no computer checking device. Can I check the codes manually? Wire blinking lights etc? Help please! New member, thanks. Quags NJ
February 28, 2007.

Check for fuel and spark. For fuel, if there is no test port on the rail, remove the air cleaner assy. To get access to the fuel line to the filter. Put a socket and extension on the bolt to the filter, put shop towels around the area to catch fuel. Turn ign. On for a few seconds, then off, loosen the filter bolt a little, fuel should squirt out. If not check fuel pump fuse, if fuse is OK then it could be a bad pump.
To check for spark, hook a inductive style timing light to #1 and crank the engine, pull trigger on light and you should see the light pulse, if not check other cylinders, if they are all bad, it could be a coil or an igniter (ignition module). A Hanynes manual will show you how to check for error codes. You just need a small paper clip bent to a " U" shape to ground two terminals in the diagnostic link on the shock tower (drivers side).

Mar 1, 2007.
At the diagnostic check connector jump TE1 to E1

Mar 1, 2007.
I had the same problem with my old 1993 toyota tercel. I would try to start it but nothing would happen. I had to replace my whole distributor so thats the advice that I will give you.

Mar 4, 2007.