Toyota Landcruiser

Hi, I recently had a new battery put in my 85 Landcruiser. The connection must have been loose because the negative post melted the other day at startup. About 60% of the post is left. Can I salvage it? Rebuild or mold a new one? Thanks!
July 2, 2007.

Hi there,

Not realy, you should cut your losses and install a new battery, & make sure that the terminals and clean and tight.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jul 21, 2007.
Hi Quinney

Itf there is enough of the post left to drill a hole through it to take a 6 mm bolt I'd certainly try it, smother the whole lot in vasiline when done to reduce corrosion, try not to rotate the post during repair as this is a sure way to break the seal between the post and battery case, then acid will wick up and corrode the post and connection.

Regards Don

New Zealand

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Jan 20, 2010.