Toyota Echo

Hopefully, someone can answer this:
I have a 2003 4-door (auto) echo sedan with 67,000K. I noticed there was vibration when I started braking and was told that I needed to replace the front brake pads (plus, shims, grind pad holders) and rotors. I was told that I could get aftermarket rotors but other than costs (being the one benefit) are aftermarket rotors as good as original parts? I hear that they tend to wear faster so I'm a bit concerned.
July 31, 2006.

Depends on driving style and manufacturer of the aftermarket parts, At my shop we use AM parts alot. And seems they last quite a while (about 30-40k miles on average sometimes longer)

Aug 2, 2006.
Don't get too caught up in OEM vs. Aftermarket rotors. The dealer uses aftermarket parts in many cases also. They number it as if it were an oem part.

I use weaever brake rotors available at advance auto parts. They ar low end in price and very rarly have a problem. Maybe 1 out of 100?

The chinese are making high quality parts at low cost due to labor. Much of the machinery that used to make these parts here have been shiiped to China. Sad but real. Everyone laughed at Ross Perot when he said that it would happen.